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    1. Fresh ideas aren’t seen much these days. With the fear of putting something in print and being called oufth–touco, I’m glad to see someone so in touch with their beliefs.

  1. I would agree that it is wrong. I think I should be the only person making medical deisncois for myself. My children too, I have heard that they want to enforce the flu shot for children in day care centers as well. I have never had one. I do not like the idea of them and have no intention of getting one.

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  8. henk zegt:ps.als je met vruchten pulp werkt,kan je methanol krijgen, stook je op basis van water en gist kan dit niet…. maar kwaad kan het nooit om voor en naloop weg te doen ..de middenloop is een mooie zuivere alcoholgr henk   0 likes

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