Why I’m not publishing on The Amazon AppStore

As I’m sure you have heard Amazon has released there “AppStore” on to the world for Android. Many developers are up in arms over the strange terms that Amazon has required of publishers. There was a pretty good article today why publishers should stay away from the current Amazon AppStore.

I just wanted to add one more comment about the topic. Google makes money from Android in two ways. One is selling the Android + Google Services (like maps/market) to manufactures. The other way is by taking a cut of market sales. Their cut is 30% off the top. But for the 30% they distribute, market, track and most importantly they use some of that money to improve both Android and the services built on top of Android. Frankly its a good value for me. Even if Amazon perfectly matched Google’s terms, I wouldn’t use them.  They just don’t give back to the Android development community like Google does.


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  1. I can’t disagree more with you. Amazon has added a lot of value to Android. Their appstore app is miles better than the current Android Market implementation: They have a free app a day (developers get huge exposure and 20% of original app price), and their appstore allows gift cards (big deal). Aside from that Amazon offers the simplest way to purchase music on Android and offer 5GBs of free storage and a cloud player. Storage is easily upgraded to 20GBs for a year by purchasing any music Album from them.

    I don’t also have to remind you that Amazon is one of the largest Android sellers and they market the devices aggressively with great value deals below regular market price.

    In short, Amazon contributes to Android and competition is always good to force Google to up their games and add new features that users have been demanding for a while.

  2. You missed the ad revenue they gain from advertising from both mobile internet and in-app ads.

    Also I haven’t seen any information on google selling google apps to manufacturers, I know there is a license to agree to and a quality requirement. Regardless the profit generated here will be negligible compared to their two other revenue streams.

    1. biscator,Pour répondre à votre question – posée la nuit dernière – , la surpuissance manifeste de votre navigateur rend ma p(l)age parfaitement abe3dablo&#82r0;(((Inutile de vous attacher au mât !)))

  3. Actually a main reason Android has had such a good following is that Google does NOT make the 30% from the app store. If I am not mistaken, that actually goes to the carriers. That is why there has been such a high adoption vs Apple, which does take the 30%.

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