Reader (or Spammer) used MobFox network to increase revenue, maybe

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Update 5/13/11:  Recived the following email from Martin at MobFox:

Hi James,

I just became aware of the article about MobFox on this website.

Could you forward me the spam e-mail which you received? We currently do not have any specific rules for our Affiliates but we’ll introduce some very soon to prevent such a behaviour of our partners / affiliates.

To clarify, Affiliates that promote the MobFox network to sign up other developers usually receive a % of the referred developer’s publisher earnings.

Thank You,
Martin /


Update 5/10/11:  Looks like I got spammed, lol.  I disabled the links as I dont’ want to give them any google bounce.

Alessandro De Carli wrote me and let me know that he ditched AdMob for MobFox and saw a major increase in revenue.  He has a blog at Just thought I would pass it along.


3 thoughts on “Reader (or Spammer) used MobFox network to increase revenue, maybe”

  1. hum… I also received an email from this guy, promoting MobFox… So I think this guy literally spams all the Android market guys with this mail !
    So :
    * One thing I’ve seen is that there are lots of links to MobFox with an specific Id in this article, so I imagine he is actually paid for each link clicked.
    * This kind of practise makes me really reluctant to trust the article, and so to trust MobFox. I honestly don’t know, perhaps MobFox is a very good ad provider, but this guy just gives them a terrible promotion !!

    Emmanuel / Alocaly

  2. I’ve tried mobfox in my app and actually the revenue has dropped. The main difference between mobfox and admob is in latency. Mobfox works kinda 2-3 times slower then admob. And in some apps it may be very important. Maybe it could go well if your app is about using it for a long period of time (say game), but if user opens it for 30 secs it will not work well (was my case).

  3. What happens is that MobFox offers you 10% from affiliate revenue. So if you get people to register you do get money…

    I actually also use an affiliate link on my website when I mention mobfox and I think it’s fair since I actually use them and my opinion is informed. There’s nothing wrong with the concept.

    Surely spamming every dev out there hoping for an affiliate share should be forbidden by their general conditions. They should look for the referrer when receving a new affiliate and detect systematic abuses. Note that for what it’s worth I am MobFox user and I am indeed satisfied with the eCPM in Europe.

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