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GPS Alarm QR CodeSometimes when I ride the train I write Android apps.  Sometimes when I write Android apps, I miss my stop.  Missing my stop make me sad.  So I wrote Bus Stop Alarm, which will alert you when you are close to your stop.  Its great if you want to sleep/read/play a game on the bus.  It has some quirks, but it works good enough for now.  I plan on spending some time fixing it up in the near future.  You can download it for free on the Android Market, or if you don’t have access you can download Bus Stop Alarm here.


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  1. It appears you have stopped development on this app. As a developer myself, I fully understand. I have a client with an intellectual disability who falls asleep on the bus and misses her stop, so I need an app similar to yours which will be appropriate for her to use. Are you aware of a similar app, which is being maintained, and provides an easy to use UI and doesn’t kill the battery?

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