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Android 1.x users now make up only about 10% of the market.

I was looking at the platform versions that were using Android Market for the first two weeks of February.  Android 1.x users now make up 10.1% of the users using Android market.  I haven’t been able to figure out how many users use the market in a given month, so I’m unsure how many users 10% is.

For many applications the API changes in 1.x to 2.x isn’t that important.  In fact of all my applications, Only Private Browser could make good use of the 2.x API.  (Photo of the Day uses live wallpapers, so it has to use 2.x, so it doesn’t count.)  I would recommend supporting the lowest API version that fits your applications design, because why cut your market by 10% if you don’t have too.  Also, there might be less competition in the 1.x market, because all the new applications will probably target 2.x just because its newer.

There are a lot of great API improvements in 2.x.  Opengl support is better, the webkit object actually exports the plugin interface, and the you can catch ssl certificate errors, and redirections.  There are a ton of other great changes that are documented in the API differences pages.

So what do you guys think, Should I drop support for 1.x in Private Browser?  Are you going to drop support for 1.x in the near future?  Take the poll and leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Frankly I’m on the fence right now.


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Rattlesnake 1.0 released!

Good news everyone!  Rattlesnake 1.0 is released!  Rattlesnake is a upgraded version of the snake game from the android samples.  I added lives, levels, touch controls and speed up the game play.  It works with Android 1.5 and newer.  There are 23 levels, but its really hard which I like.  Check it out on the market: here


Screenshot of Rattlesnake 1.0
Screenshot of Rattlesnake 1.0

Motorola Droid Bug – Publishing Livewall paper on Android Market

Photo of the Day wasn’t showing up on the market no matter what I tried.  It turns out that Moto Droid /Milestone has a bug where it thinks it dosn’t support live wall papers.  (See here and here too)

What your supposed to do is have this in your applications manifest if your app requires a live wallpaper:

<uses-feature android:name=”” />

Unfortanlty the Moto Droid has a bug and dosn’t support it, so if you place it in the manifist, it dosn’t showup in the market for all the orginal droid users out there.

You might think its as simple as removing the line and just using the uses sdk tag, but that dosn’t work because not all the 2.1 phones support live wallpapers.  For some reason the droid eris and Samsung Moment don’t.  Crazy.  What where they thinking.  When I think of 2.1 I think of live wallpapers!