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Android 1.x users now make up only about 10% of the market.

I was looking at the platform versions that were using Android Market for the first two weeks of February.  Android 1.x users now make up 10.1% of the users using Android market.  I haven’t been able to figure out how many users use the market in a given month, so I’m unsure how many users 10% is.

For many applications the API changes in 1.x to 2.x isn’t that important.  In fact of all my applications, Only Private Browser could make good use of the 2.x API.  (Photo of the Day uses live wallpapers, so it has to use 2.x, so it doesn’t count.)  I would recommend supporting the lowest API version that fits your applications design, because why cut your market by 10% if you don’t have too.  Also, there might be less competition in the 1.x market, because all the new applications will probably target 2.x just because its newer.

There are a lot of great API improvements in 2.x.  Opengl support is better, the webkit object actually exports the plugin interface, and the you can catch ssl certificate errors, and redirections.  There are a ton of other great changes that are documented in the API differences pages.

So what do you guys think, Should I drop support for 1.x in Private Browser?  Are you going to drop support for 1.x in the near future?  Take the poll and leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Frankly I’m on the fence right now.


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Sense Ui Webview issues

So on Private Browser and Free Private Browser the webview is all zoomed in and links don’t work.  I’m not doing anything tricky with the webview control.  I’m bummed as there dosn’t seem to be a legit way to load the sense Ui in the emulator, and I’m not going to buy a phone just to test out sense.  Boo on sense!  I hope users start to avoid sense and motoblur, testing is already hard enough on Android!


Making Money in Android Development

So far I have released four android apps:

  • Bus Stop Alarm
  • Fire Starter
  • Private Browser
  • Free Private Browser

I have used three methods of monetization:

  • Admob
  • Mobclix
  • Direct Market Sales

I’m serving up quite a bit of ads, ~20,000 a day.  But, my RPM is only a few cents and I end up making under a dollar most days.  Mobclix started of paying very well but fell very fast.  I have had better luck with direct sales, but am still only making a few dollars a day.  I read online of people with RPM’s around three Generic Viagra Online to five dollars.  At that rate, I would be earning $60-100 a day, which would be very exciting.

I’m planning on writting Admob and Mobclix to ask why the RPM’s are so low.  I was also thinking of trying adwhirl…

I would love to know if anyone has any ideas on how I could improve the  monitization of my apps.