Android Stereo Right and Left PCM Raw Audio

I have been playing with raw audio generation (PCM) in Android using AudioTrack.  It’s pretty easy to do, but I had trouble finding information about stereo byte formatting when streaming, in other words how to mix between the left and right stream.  After playing with the code for a while, i figured it out and boy is it simple, the even bytes are the left channel and the odd is the right channel.

In other words:

byte[] = stereo_sound = {right,left,right,left,right,left};

I hope this saves you some time!

Huge Android Canceled Sales Numbers

I have noticed lately that I have been getting more and more sales that canceled after a few minutes.  I believe that users are starting to learn that they can try out a paid application for 24 hours (soon to be changed to 15 minutes) and get a refund if they uninstall it.  There are a few other reasons this might happen:

  • A user doesn’t like the application, or it doesn’t provide value for the whole return window
  • A user wants to review the application, but not buy it.
  • A user can strip the DRM and get a refund (i.e. piracy)
  • A website could download the application to learn about it, (i.e. the unofficial android application websites)
  • People might hate Google and are trying to raise the charge backs.

Regarding the last point, When you buy an app on the market, Google charges the card and waits for authorization.  You can verify this by looking at the declines, I get about one decline a week.  If a user uninstalls in 24 hours, then Google will have to do a charge back, which credit card companies hate to do.   Maybe its a way for Google’s competitors to cost Google some extra cash.  (If you can’t tell this last point is tongue in cheek).


Nexus One on Amazon.

Just a quick note, the Nexus One is a lot like the Nexus S in regard to hardware.  I actually prefer it.  Amazon has a quite a few people selling them at good prices.  Might be a good time to use some of the Christmas loot for a really nice phone.


Importance of inital ranking in Android Market

I have read online that its best to publish your app as soon as possible and do updates as much as possible.  Think the mantra “deploy early and often”.  Initial I subscribed to this idea, because its super easy to push out updates via Android Market, but I have found its not a good idea, and here is why.

The majority of my sales happen on days I do updates, the reason is Google tends to promote them.  I have noticed that apps that have a good ranking (4+ stars) tend to get promoted longer and get much more play.   Which makes you a lot more money.

The market doesn’t facilitate feedback to developers very well, so to file a bug report, users leave feed back and a ranking.  If you have a bad bug, you might get a bunch of one start ratings, and even if you fix the bug in minutes, the users aren’t going to download your app again, and aren’t going to change their ranking.  These poor rankings really hurt long term, especially for new applications that don’t have a lot of marketing behind them.

Lesson learned, TEST TEST TEST, your reputation on Android market counts!


Time to reevaluate your apps pricing

Market allows bill my at&t account

AT&T just started allowing users to pay for market purchases as part of cell bill.  This should significantly raise the amount that AT&T users are willing to pay for an application.  This change and the refund time window should cause all developers to reevaluate how much they are charging for current apps, and how they want to monetize future applications.  You might want to look at the Pricing Android Apps for Profit Maximization post.


MoPub, Omar Hamoui, and another great Marketing Blog

mopubSo a bunch of people have been leaving Google/Admob to start a new company called MoPub.  It looks like an ad aggregation service like mobclix or adwhirl.  But, they have funding, so maybe it will be great.  I have signed up for the beta, will let you know if you hear anything.

Along the same lines, Google lost Admob’s founder Omar Hamoui for personal reasons.  Its never good when founders leave after a merger…

Also, I found this great blog: Reseo Blog Search Marketing Blog.  Lots of good content to check out, he has been blogging for years.


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