Its all about the click through

So I spent some time this afternoon sifting through admob reports, trying to determine why my ecpm was so low (a few cents).  I noticed there is a strong correlation between click-though rates and ecpm, so much so that I think the vast majority of ad sales are sold cost per click, not cost per impression.   So you should concentrate on running ads that users want to click on, don’t display too many ads, and give the users time to click on the ad.  Also, by default admob turns off age appropriate ads.  I turned them on and it doubled my click though rate, and increased my ecpm by 1000%.  The ads are slightly adult but nothing worse then you would see on late night cable and it boosted my fill rate quite a bit.


Sense Ui Webview issues

So on Private Browser and Free Private Browser the webview is all zoomed in and links don’t work.  I’m not doing anything tricky with the webview control.  I’m bummed as there dosn’t seem to be a legit way to load the sense Ui in the emulator, and I’m not going to buy a phone just to test out sense.  Boo on sense!  I hope users start to avoid sense and motoblur, testing is already hard enough on Android!


Making Money in Android Development

So far I have released four android apps:

  • Bus Stop Alarm
  • Fire Starter
  • Private Browser
  • Free Private Browser

I have used three methods of monetization:

  • Admob
  • Mobclix
  • Direct Market Sales

I’m serving up quite a bit of ads, ~20,000 a day.  But, my RPM is only a few cents and I end up making under a dollar most days.  Mobclix started of paying very well but fell very fast.  I have had better luck with direct sales, but am still only making a few dollars a day.  I read online of people with RPM’s around three Generic Viagra Online to five dollars.  At that rate, I would be earning $60-100 a day, which would be very exciting.

I’m planning on writting Admob and Mobclix to ask why the RPM’s are so low.  I was also thinking of trying adwhirl…

I would love to know if anyone has any ideas on how I could improve the  monitization of my apps.


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