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Private Browser is a Fast, Full Free Screen Browser for Android. It works with Android 1.5 and up. Private Browser also allows you to change the browser id (User Agent String) to mimic other browser (ie, firefox, safari, iphone,ipad), so you can view full versions of the sites or enhanced mobile sites.

If you press the search button, it will clear all caches/history and take you back to Google.

Due to a bug in Sense, Private Browser doesn’t work on Sense UI phones before 2.2. Its currently unknown when private browser will work on Sense.

3 thoughts on “Private Browser”

  1. I like this browser, I actually paid for the full version. Anyways, I am a Lil bit annoyed that the video player changed. It used to play full screen and now it is playing with a border. A whole different player. Also, the Sherder does not work. It doesn’t clear private browser out of the history on my Note 3 and on Ellipsis7.

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